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Cheer Up, Emo Kid

2009-06-05 10:56:25 by DoctorWombat

Today feels like the day you suddenly feel guilty about breaking up with that one girl you kind of liked so you call her up and ask to hang out not really because you want to or enjoy her company that much but because you've been on a dry spell for several months and you're kind of hoping on some off-chance that she may be ready and willing to hop in the sack with you.

Today, that "you" is "me", and that girl is Newgrounds! (Was that analogy too long? I think it was too fucking long.)

Six years since I first started coming to NG, four years since my last submission... Damn.

Though I've finally learned how to draw and animate at a decent level over the last four years, I do miss making those sprite movies. Too bad I lost ALL my files or else I probably would, believe me. :(

Truth be told, I don't have really anything interesting to say unless you want to hear about how I'm going to shamelessly plug my website. So here I am, shamelessly plugging my website! You can find it at Cheer Up, Emo Kid, and if you're into vulgar webcomics predominantly about love and loss, then you might just enjoy it. :)

I actually think that the only person who would probably read and comment on this is Lochie so if you're not Lochie and you read & comment on this, you get a thumbs up and an encouraging reply from me! (Think of me as some sort of anti-depressant magic 8-ball).

And to wrap it up, here's a picture of a Sniper vs. a Cupcake Ninja.

Cheer Up, Emo Kid


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2009-06-05 11:53:04

Nice Animation real funny
I hope to see an animation about the sniper and the muffin ninja!

Looking forward to seeing your future work!

DoctorWombat responds:

Thanks so much :D


2009-06-05 12:08:17

I like your style! Hope to see more greatness!

DoctorWombat responds:

And I hope not to disappoint! Cheers ^^


2009-06-06 01:03:19

I'm glad you decided to submit the video! I'm always looking for quality webcomics and your shameless plugging as you call it just bought yourself another reader!

DoctorWombat responds:

I'm glad you like it, thanks very much :)


2009-06-06 21:33:54

I read all of Cheer Up, Emo Kid yesterday, and now you're (back) on Newground Yeww!

Did you start the webcomic because of stuff that was happening to you at the time?

DoctorWombat responds:

Hooray! I hope you liked them all (or at the least, most of them!).

And yes, sans the ridiculousness/obvious exaggerations, the majority of the strips are based on real-life experience. I like to hope that people don't have to go through the same shit I have!


2009-06-07 10:03:10

I have got to say, I find the style of your art very intriguing. I favorited the "Cheer Up, Emo Kid" animation immediately because it was something that I found truly entertaining, which can be hard to find these days.

It's interesting to see how your animation skills have progressed over the years and shows that improvement in something simply takes time, effort, and the desire to improve.

I honestly cannot wait for the next installment of your webcomic. I have your webpage in my favorites just so I can stay updated on your work. Your creativity draws people in, and I am sure that will create a much larger fanbase for you in the future.

Good luck, and I totally want to see an animation involving a Sniper and a Cupcake Ninja!

DoctorWombat responds:

Thank you so much! I also really appreciate the fact that you actually went through my older flash (which personally at this point I find ignorable given I was 14 when I first started!). Your words are very encouraging, and I hope not to disappoint in the future!

Oh, and unfortunately the Sniper/Cupcake Ninja piece was just done for a forum member, wasn't exactly planning on animating it but there's an idea, yeah?



2009-06-08 03:35:31

I missed you from CN :)
Nice vid...although I kinda just wished it would finish the song. O well it was funny :)

DoctorWombat responds:

SprinT! How goes CN? I have not been back for a while since it blew up. :( I really don't have much time for forums (hardly find time to check back on my own O_o) but yeah. Thanks for dropping by, bud~ Lemme know when CN gets back up, mwaha.


2009-06-08 13:53:54

it made me rofl

DoctorWombat responds:

I hear that a lot about my penis!


2009-06-08 19:14:54

DIE CUPCAKE NINJA, DIE!!! Oh, yeah, and your flashes are great! Don't give up you little anti-depressant magic 8-ball!!! Hang in there like the kittys on teh trees!!!

DoctorWombat responds:

Thanks! Haha, nay! QUITTERS NEVER WIN!

And winners get lung cancer!


2009-06-09 03:50:50

wow, i loved it. one of my roommates is emo so i made sure he saw it :) totally going to your site now....

DoctorWombat responds:

I hope he didn't get offended like a couple of other people on here. Hmph! Thanks dude!


2009-06-09 11:36:36

I read only the first paragraph and all I can say is fuck you buddy ;-;

DoctorWombat responds:

How could this happen to me :(


2009-06-09 16:45:30

The pic was a lol. :D


2009-06-10 08:29:55

Great animation. Love the pic. Got any advice for people wanting to learn to draw and animate (e.g Sites, books or starting techniques to practice)?

DoctorWombat responds:

Unfortunately I've tried reading books and looking at websites with tutorials and stuff, but my attention completely goes to hell after a few minutes. I know it sounds like a tired old cliche but practice is really honestly all it takes!

I would say, challenge yourself. Tell yourself to do a sketch or two each day. Whether it be from imagination, suggestion, or direct reference, it's all fair game.

I.E. I used to have trouble drawing people and basic body poses, so I would just go to gettyimages.com (stock image website) and look up certain poses/hand gestures and try to emulate it in sketches. After a while it started getting easier to get a drawing to look more like what I intended it to look like!

I hope that little bit helps, it's all I can get off the top of my head at the moment. Good luck to you, sir!


2009-06-10 18:31:49

omg! you R a wombat!

DoctorWombat responds:

Omg! u R a ScienTist!!1


2009-06-11 01:50:29

Your latest animation lead me to your Cheer Up, Emo Kid! website. I started reading it from the beginning up to the last release. I bookmarked it and added that bookmark to my comics section. You have an interesting thought process (that's a good thing). I hope to see more animations even better than this one (which was very amusing).

I hope I get a comment!

DoctorWombat responds:


Thanks so much for dropping by the site! I'm glad we have the same sense of humor. :D



2009-06-12 22:26:05

lol WHAT?!?! that picture is amazing! awesome flash too! hope to see more :D

DoctorWombat responds:

Workin' on it! Thanks :)


2009-06-13 13:57:58

Cn is still on the down low :)
But ya I would love to collab with you someday. Your art has done some serious growing since I first met you. Hell, you could probably do a flash series now. Congrats.


2009-06-13 20:07:31

i'm not lochie


2009-06-25 19:02:38

I'd better watch out for cupcake ninjas!


2009-06-25 19:07:53

I'd better watch out for cupcake ninjas!


2009-06-26 19:18:16

Dude i thank Newgrounds for letting me find your awesome comic!!!
I am at awe!!!! And congrats on the new game!! I've been laughing my ass off with my friends after playing it!! Keep up the great job!!!


2009-07-06 00:46:23

dude! i so want to put that "cheer up emo kid- perfect" video on my myspace..but uh..its not embed so..how would i do so?


2009-07-11 15:58:26

Aah, you know, a friend of mine recommended CUEK to me and it almost instantly became one of my favourite webcomics. I hope you do more animations and so on because they are totally fucking cool. As in I want to fuck them, and it would be cool. Quick question: How long does it take you to do the average comic?


2009-07-21 23:57:46

what about koopa colapse 2 ???


2009-08-18 15:44:45

I'm placing my bets on the ninja...


2010-03-31 14:54:18

and koopa collapse stills dead


2011-05-08 16:14:09

using your cheer up emo kid thing to taunt my emo kid freind, lots of funny crap you got here :D